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What is Swing?

While some people prefer to have sexual experiences with the same partner, swingers like to have new sexual experiences with other couples. Swing is nothing more than the consented practice of social sex, where the fantasies and the personal tastes of a couple are explored.
Thus, although swing is conventionally practiced in pairs, with foreplay and the exchange of caresses with another couple, without intercourse (soft swing) or with complete sexual involvement (hard swing), there may be variations, adding only one person and drawing a ménage a trois, in a group in orgy roman style, involving only one of the elements of the couple or simply sharing the same space in order to see and be seen (voyeurism).
Regardless of the variables that may exist, as long as there is agreement between the involved parties, all experiences are valid between swingers. Swing is a space of discovery based on mutual respect, which seeks to give couples the realisation of their fantasies in complete privacy.
It all depends on the fantasy you intend to accomplish and how far you are willing to go.

The life of a swinger couple

The doubt hangs in the air for all initiating the swing practice. How does the interest or need for a couple to share new sexual experiences with other partners arise? How do a couple of swingers live? How far can sexuality be exploited without compromising the relationship?
Contrary to what many may think, swing is a liberal but discreet and reserved practice. Usually swingers are couples between 35 and 40 years of age, already with a stable relationship and with children. They have a high intellectual standing and hold respected professional positions. They are travellers, who have explored various cultures, habits and conventions.
There are several reasons that can lead a couple to begin swinging, being one of the most common the breaking of the monotony that sometimes sets into a couple’s life after some time of relationship.
If sexual monotony is what often leads couples to swing, they quickly realize that the breakdown of this monotony goes far beyond sexual life. The swingers end up being able to enjoy a parallel life, where they live the best of both worlds. They have a successful life, filled with a core of friends, colleagues and family in common, who are unaware of the swinging practice of the couple and, on the other hand, share their experiences conquering new friends amid the swinger community where they explore together their sex life.
In its essence, swing is based on a relationship of trust, respect and commitment between liberal couples who want to explore their sexuality without involving love feelings.
In this way, transparency and communication between the couple are essential to fulfil the sexual needs of each one without compromising their love relationship and without jeopardizing their family structure. This lifestyle has its own rules and limits, not only between the couple but also with the rest of the community, which means that communication, respect and the definition of rules are slogans.

Entering the world of swing

Swinging can be one of the most intimate and revealing forms of a couple's maturity. However, transparency and communication are essential to complement each other's sexual needs without compromising the love relationship. Many couples say that swing strengthened their relationships. But not everything is pink, and the frailties of relationships are quickly uncovered when one is not 100% sure of the step being taken.
Before starting out in the swing world there are a number of questions that should be clarified between the too. Can you distinguish love from sex? Are you prepared to see your partner having sexual satisfaction with another person? Do you both feel the same curiosity and interest? How far are you willing to exploit your freedom as a couple?
Once you realize if swing is meant for your life as a couple, the best way to get into this universe is from the websites and online communities of swingers. In Portugal alone, there are more than 160,000 registered people who seek to share experiences between couples or add one more person to their sexual relationship.
Even without knowing these people directly, you can initially search their profiles to seek common interests. Here you can find couples with similar interests, share photos, talk and get information on everything that is related to this lifestyle. You can start a conversation with some couples geographically close and that elicit enough empathy and curiosity to invite them for coffee or dinner and maybe take the next step ...
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Visiting a Swing Club

Swing clubs are like any other bars you have visited but in addition to a social area where couples can get to know each other, drink a glass or dance, they also have private areas, usually composed of common rooms, corridors, labyrinths or rooms for exchange of couples. Access to these areas is free and everyone can participate or observe as long as they comply with the Club's codes of conduct.
Like any other type of bar or space, it is important to realize that each club has its rules and its environment. When in doubt, always remember that the greater the restrictions on entry, the greater (and more restrictive) will be the Club's conduct and admission policies. There are clubs that only allow entry by invitation, others that only accept the entrance of couples, and others where the entry of single people is also allowed, if not in all the days that they are open, at least on specific days.
Like everywhere else, common sense is fundamental. Contrary to what one might think, attending a Swing Club does not imply that couples have to change partners. Many couples visit a Club because they feel comfortable in that environment to drink and talk to the core of friends they met in the lifestyle. Others go for voyeurism, to dance or to spice their sexual appetite in an environment where disinhibitions are left at the door.
If you are planning to exchange couples, there are some rules that are familiar to the entire community and should always be kept in mind.
The first and foremost rule in swing is respect for others. The main objective of all is to have fun and for this reason the word "no" is law, that is, "no means no" and as such should be respected without any need for explanation. The approaches should be subtle, no one is forced to participate in something that they do not feel comfortable with.
Another common rule of thumb for the swinger community is that women are the ones who address what can and cannot be done between all as soon as a decision is made to enter a private space. This conversation is preferably done when all members of the couples are present. In Clubs where singles are allowed, the single should wait to be approached by the couple and not the other way around.
Before visiting a Swing Club it is always important to consult their rules or ask the couple who invited you what type of club you are going to visit, what the conduct policy is or if there is a theme party that involves a specific dress code.

Tourism for swingers

There are exclusive destinations for swingers all over the world. One of the most sought after locations is the lush coastal town of Cap d'Agde in France. An enclosed space with private beaches, marina, hotels, restaurants and more than 20 clubs with daily parties that gather up to 6000 couples per night.
There are also several resorts, the most famous located in South America, which are exclusive for couples, with daily entertainment and themed parties every night, allowing the realization of various fantasies and satisfying almost every conceivable fetish.
Offshore, about 10 cruises per year are held for more than 1,000 couples per trip. Also in these cases, access is restricted, parties are permanent and the environment is relaxed, liberal and sensual.

The History of Swing in Portugal

In Portugal, swing is still a forbidden subject for many, but already an assumed lifestyle for others.
Although it is a recurring practice that has dissipated with the introduction of Catholic education in the communities, the swing lifestyle arouses again the curiosity of a dozen couples in Portugal in mid-2000 in a small club in Santos-o-Velho, where everything was still in the shadows of the night, in rented houses in remote places.
With a sudden change in the lifestyle of couples, increasingly centered on a relationship with focus on experience, freedom and confidence, the community of swingers grows rapidly, as well as spaces with sensual and glamorous environments and decorations, a little all over the country.
In 2006 opens in Lisbon the one that would become the most famous Swing club in Portugal, inspired by the best that was done in the World. The XClube widened horizons to the more liberal couples and quickly became one of Europe’s swing clubs with the largest number of couples, and a benchmark amongst the swingers in Portugal.
What began as a taboo, with occasional meetings wrapped in secrecy, quickly grew and, throughout the country, new spaces prepared to receive more than a hundred couples by weekend opened, with discos, lounge rooms, private areas, glory holes, community rooms, labyrinths, cinemas and various themed spaces.
With the growth of the swinger community in Portugal, there was an increasing need for an initial contact between couples. A place where it could be possible to meet people who shared the same interests and fantasies, making thus the Internet the gateway to the swinger community.
In 2006, the first sites dedicated to the theme began to appear (www.casaispt.com) and in 2009, the need for an exclusive social network for couples opens doors to the project www.swpt.org which currently has more than 160,000 registrations, having become the largest and best virtual swinger community in the Iberian Peninsula.