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Totally personalized privacy settings allow you to share what you want, with whom you want, whenever you want. You have control.


Profile Certification

Our controlled access system ensures that all active accounts have had their profile certified as real.


Members Management

Complete control of the friends and favorites lists, invitations, validations, private photos, giving you full privacy over what you share and whit whom you share it.


Never ending Lifestyle Pages

Find clubs, events, speed dates, announcements of people travelling near you, invitations to private meets…whatever you are searching, we have it.



Validations add a personal touch to the description of the validated member profile, reflecting opinions of members who have previously met this member personally.
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SwPt™ is the fastest growing and the more active Lifestyle Swingers Dating Site. Most members are heterosexual couples, but, and because we consider ourselves a liberal community, female singles profiles, male singles profiles and transgender are also present on the site.

SwPt™ offers a unique and exclusive social networking service for the "Swing Lifestyle", which aims to serve the community by providing information on the same, allowing communication and information sharing among its members, and as such, promoting the dissemination , the lifestyle, the ideology and the love for Swing.

SwPt™ allows its members to build a unique and personalized online profile, with your personal information such as a description, photos, music and videos, and gives you the ability to manage and organize your network of contacts through various privacy definition tools. The members have an email and messages service, a chat to speak to and meet other members of the Swinger community and information about events, meetings, parties and other gatherings, whether private or promoted by the different Swing Clubs.

SwPt™ thus offers an extensive gallery of member photographs and personal profiles, and also functions such as Speed Date and Invitations, announcements of members travelling to other locations, Blogs, a system of personal notes Post-it, a Hook-up invitation system for a quick encounters and a travel portal.

Come live your fantasies and discover a world of seduction, eroticism and pleasure, become a full-featured member of this community and spice up your Life,
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Our complete new chat features will leave you hanging on for hours! Have fun and make new contacts!


Parties & Events

Club accounts can create and share their parties and events, as well promote them and invite other members to participate in them. As your participants list grows, your event will be “hot” listed.


Albuns & Photos

You can create your own albums and define their access rights. Some accounts can upload as many photos as they want. You have control.


Travel & Speed Date

Go travelling or be suddenly available for a date, just post it and other members will be informed and can contact you.


Lifestyle Google Map

Who is near you? What is near you? Find what you what in our Lifestyle Map.