What is SWPT?

SWPT is a Website designed to serve and provide information about the Swinger Community. The site provides some services for its members, that may, amongst others, build their profile page, upload photos, music and videos, chat using the instant messaging service and meet other members of the Swinger Community.

How does the registration process work?

SwPt registration process begins with the completion of the registration/join form, available on our homepage. To do so, you must be of legal age and know and agree to the Terms of Use of the site. After completing and submitting the form, it can be reviewed to ensure that the data has been entered correctly. During this time, you can change your profile and add some data. The Single member/Couple must have its profile certified using the means that SwPt puts at their disposal, in order to ascertain the veracity of the profile. Upon successful completion of this process, the account will be activated.

How long does certification take?

The certification should not take longer than 24 hours after the member submits his certification photo. However, in periods of less availability of our moderators, this time period can increase up to 72 hours.

I have a problem in the site, what should I do?

In order for us to may be able to respond to your problem, please contact us by email at support@swpt.org.

What size may my uploaded music, photos and videos have?

It depends on your membership status. Check your account for your membership status and your authorized actions. You can also purchase an account upgrade, which may allow you to upload more files (in quantity).

What type of accounts and membership status are available?

There are several types of memberships, with profile creation available for Couples and Singles. We distinguish between three types of membership status: Basic, Premium and VIP.

All SwPt members, after their registration has been confirmed and their account activated, become Basic (Couple Accounts) or Premium (Single Accounts) members with some limitations on the use and functionality of the site.

After profile certification and account activation of a Couple or Single Woman, the SwPt member has access to the basic functionalities of the site.

With a Couple or a Single Female account, in order to enjoy 100% of SwPt, with several exclusive features, you can change your status by upgrading to a VIP member.

Due to the high number of existing registrations, and as a way of maintaining proportionality between couples and singles, all Single Male records, as inactive members, have restricted access to some of the site's features so that they can choose an account upgrade. Activating the profile of a Single Male account is therefore always conditional on the payment of a quota, whose respective amount depends on the type of account chosen (Premium Male account or VIP Male account).

All the different types of upgrades available for each type of account, as well as their respective value and subscription duration period, can be consulted directly on the site, in the upgrade pages accessible from several links.

I have a Club, is there a registration for Clubs and Event Organizers?

SwPt provides access to Club account records and event organizers. Activation of a Club account or an account for an entity that organizes events is free of charge provided that it fulfills the requested requirements (for more information follow the instructions on the website or consult us by email to marketing@swpt.org).

I want to advertise in SwPt.

To advertise on SwPt please send us an email with your proposal to marketing@swpt.org

How do I contact SwPt?

There are several ways to contact SwPt to ask for help navigating the site, requesting information about site functions or account upgrades, submitting comments or suggestions, or whatever you see fit. Use the profile of Maria, our assistant in SwPt, via chat if online, or contact us by email to moderadora@swpt.org or moderador@swpt.org. You can also contact the administrator (admin@swpt.org), the general email (swpt@swpt.org) or the technical support (support@swpt.org)