What is SWPT?

SWPT is a Website designed to serve and provide information about the Liberal Community in general and the Swinger Community in particular. The site provides several services for its members, that may, amongst others, build their profile page, upload photos, sounds and videos, chat via the instant messaging service, check out the planned events and meet other members of the Swinger Community.

How does the registration process works?

SwPt registration process begins with filling out the join form which is available on our homepage. In order to do that, you have to be considered Adult (over 18 years of age) and read and agree to the site's Terms of Use. After filling and sending out the join form, this will be evaluated in order to make sure that your data has been correctly filled out. During this time, you may now make changes to your profile and add some information data.

I have successfully filled out the join form but have no access to SwPt functions, why?

That means that the account activation is missing, and that step is pending from profile certification or account upgrade For single male profiles the account activation is always depending from account upgrade and fee payment, which ensures the automatically profile/account activation.

What is the certifcation proccess?

Profile certification is the process that allows us to ensure the SwPt active profiles veracity. Therefore, and after registration, the Single member/Couple must have its profile certified, which can be done by using the photo certification system or yet trough other means at SwPt disposal, in order to verify the veracity of the profile. After the successful conclusion of this process, the account/profile will be activated.

If you wish an immediate profile activation, you may choose an account upgrade. Under this option, you agree and accept that the site rules and terms of use, when not complied with, may lead to the account suspension in the event that the veracity of the profile is put in question. SwPt terms of use are the same for all members, for above all, they are meant to ensure the privacy, security, trust and quality that we stand for and that our members require.

How long does it take to have the account activated?

The profile activation by account upgrade is immediate and automatic (except in the event of communication failures in the payment systems). For the other options, the certification should not take longer than 24 hours after the member submission of the certification photo. However, please take into consideration that our moderators do not contact the members pending approval, but instead wait to be contacted when they are available to proceed with the profile certification.

Is the registration in SwPt free?

Yes, registration is free. However, access to the site, whether wholly or boundless, may be subject to an account upgrade and the payment of a fee.

I have a problem in the site, what should I do?

For us to may be able to give an answer to your problem, please contact us, in Skype (swpt.org) or via email, at suporte@swpt.org .

What size may my sounds, photos and videos have?

It depends on your membership status. Check your account for your membership status and your authorized actions. You may also make an account upgrade, which may allow you a bigger file quantity..

What are the available types of accounts and membership status?

There are several types of memberships, and there are available options to create profiles for Couples and Female or Male Singles. We have tree types of membership status available, Basic, Premium and VIP. After certification and account activation for Couple and Female Single profiles, the SwPt member is granted free access to the site basic functions according to the "Basic" membership. With a Couple account, in order to benefit from SwPt without limitations and to have allowed access to several exclusive functions, you may change your status by upgrading to VIP member. With a Single Woman account, in order to benefit 100% from SwPt, with several exclusive functions, you may change your status by upgrading to Premiun or VIP member. Due to the high number of existing registrations, and as a way to maintain the proportionality between couples and singles, all Single Male registrations, as standard members, are given a trial period with restricted access to some of the site functions, to allow the choice of an account upgrade. The profile activation of a Single Male account is thus always conditioned to an account upgrade to Premium or VIP Male and to the payment of the equivalent fee.

All information on account possible upgrades (access rights, functions and fees) is directly accessible from links on your account, after log in to SwPt.

I want to advertise in SwPt, what should I do?

To advertise in SwPt please send us an email with your proposal to marketing@swpt.org.

How do I contact SwPt?

There are several ways to contact SwPt to request help in browsing the site, ask information about the site functions or account upgrades, send comments or suggestions, or whatever you see fit. Use Maria's profile, our SwPt assistant, via chat if online or by internal mail, or yet by email to moderadora@swpt.org or moderador@swpt.org. You may also contact the administrator (admin@swpt.org), the general email (swpt@swpt.org) or technical support (suporte@swpt.org)